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8 weeks left

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Only two months left until we are going to play in Germany. Five concerts to support our favorite band ASP. We are so excited and practise the setlist as often as possible. We hope to meet all of you and fulfill all your expectations. Here the dates for our shows: 2019-04-26 – Halle_02, Heidelberg, Germania 2019-04-27 – Historische Stadthalle, Wuppertal, Germania 2019-04-28 – Freiheit 26, Hamburg,Germania 2019-05-03 – Muffathalle, Muenchen,Germania 2019-05-04 – Auensee, Leipzig, Germania

We will be on Tour

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We are so exciting to announce a Tour with ASP in Germany! A dreams comes true next Year and we practise every free minute in our rehearsal room. If you want to know more you got to read our history! Here are the dates for our Tour with ASP: 2018-04-26 – Halle_02, Heidelberg, Germania 2018-04-27 – Historische Stadthalle, Wuppertal, Germania 2018-04-28 – Freiheit 26, Hamburg,Germania 2018-05-03 – Muffathalle, Muenchen,Germania 2018-05-04 – Auensee, Leipzig, Germania

New Website

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Our new Website is online! We try to post our news here, if we go some!   Thanks to our Friend Arian! He will Administrate this Site and help us to make the online thinks wright 😉