We, three Boys from the middle of nowhere in Romania, were introduced to the music of ASP by a friend, who brought the CD „Weltunter“ to a party in 2012. We have been fascinated ever since and had the idea of using the songs to improve our german.
Soon we sang both german and english songs of ASP, having lots of fun trying the choir-voices, which we learned are sung by a single person on the CDs!

But we had the strong feeling that we wanted to get more „in the music“ somehow.

Breda was learning to play the Bass and Lucian already had practiced with his guitar for a few years. So all we needed were some synthesizers and three microphones and we were able to start playing our favourite songs.

We did so for about three years, irregularly and we did so just for fun, just for ourselves. We never thought there could be anyone to be interested in our efforts. And in our hometown there is very little interest for german music and even less possibilities to play live-music.

A few friends came to our band rehearsals and soon a few more, and soon there was a nice little party everytime we met to play our favorite ASP Songs.

We never thought, that there would be something more than playing and singing the songs for our own joy. But one of our friends made a little video in secret and sendet it to the address he found on the website of the Band ASP. The shop-team sendet it to the singer Alexander and he wrote an Email to our friend. Soon we had an sporadic communication, because he turned out to be very interested in us living in Ardeal.

2014 we finally made it and we had a journey to Germany and visited the anniversary-tour of ASP „per aspera“ and had the chance to meet with the band. They were impressed by the long journey we made to see the band playing and we was so exiting meeting our great musical heros.

The impressions from the concerts was so intensiv that we got one big Plan: Playing live in front of a real audience!

It must be possible and so we startet searching for a location to play a small concert in Ardeal. After a long time wie found a Pub where we were able to play our first small 20 minute set as a opening act for a live music evening.

We was so exiting that we told Asp about our first real live experience. We think he had fun to observe our first steps and he joking that we could join on the next anniversary-tour in 2019 if we became good enough.

The joking was enough motivation to practice more often and work on a fixed setlist. So we decided to rent a rehearsal room in the center of our Hometown Sibiu.  We share this room with 3 other Bands. The room is really big so we decided to organise a small underground music festival with the other Bands. So we played 4 small concerts in 2016 and 2017 for round about 50 People there. Most of them used to be friends of the bands.

We always kept contact to Asp and what started as a joke became a plan: The band invited us to go live on stage and support them on their next anniversary-tour in 2019.

We talk to Asp about the setlist for our upcoming Shows because we don’t want to play the same songs like ASP in the main show. After some planning we got a final playlist for Germany.
Now we are looking forward to out first tour and will have a lot of fun in Germany alongside with our favorite band!
A dream will come true.
We hope to see a lot of the cities and have some time to talk to the german music-fans. And, of course, we hope, that they won’t mind, us playing ASP-songs at an ASP-concert.